Friday, October 21, 2016

Blog 2: Christianity

This case study will focus on an outsiders view of Christianity. Mike Pence claims to be an "evangelical Catholic," a sect of Christianity. The following memes communicate a certain negative viewpoint on the way in which Mike Pence's religious views affect others. Let's see what an outsider might declare about Christianity based on Mike Pence's political views:

"I demand religious freedom to force my religious beliefs on you!"
This meme communicates that a key belief of evangelical Christianity is sharing those beliefs with others, regardless of how forceful this made be done. The meme has a sarcastic tone, showing that one view of Christianity is that it is a dominating religion, wanting everyone in its way to follow exactly what it has to say.
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Signed the "Religious Freedom Restoration Act" Allowing "Good Christians" to Discriminate Against Lesbians, Gays, Bi's and Transgender People
This meme is introducing a strict, rigid form of Christianity. It communicates that there are such things as "Good Christians" (thereby inferring also such thing as a "bad Christian"), which means that there has to be a certain law they follow which determines the standard in which someone can be defined by good or bad. It also reflects a negative and devise view of Christianity by saying the presence of religious freedom brings discrimination as well, going back to the first meme which viewed Christianity as a forceful religion.
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"I abhor discrimination. I believe in the golden rule that you should 'do unto others as they would have them do unto you.'" Noted no on prohibiting job discrimination based on sexual orientation.
The next meme quotes a part of scripture to then point out a discrepancy in his following actions. It has a negative view on religion because its followers do not always follow its ideals perfectly (an impossible task except for Jesus, I might add). The meme is communicating that if Mike Pence "practiced what he preached," he would have voted yes.

"See its not discrimination if you disguise it using religion as your basis."
The last meme presents another negative view on religion by saying Christianity makes excuses for their actions by claiming they are acting in the name of their religion. It suggests that Christians ought to be held to the same standard of acceptance as everyone else, and given Mike Pence's face, is clearly suggesting his stupidity.

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